Pa'auilo Elementary & Intermediate School

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Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

Preparing the next generation with core values.


We strive to provide an environment of mutual respect, where everyone has a positive attitude and takes a general interest in student success.

Curriculum & Instruction:

We strive to teach the whole child where learning is engaging, interdisciplinary and standards driven.  Pa‘auilo School has an active school garden that provides place based and hands-on STEM learning for our school community.   Our focus is collaborative learning and teaching where Teachers work together to connect different content areas while students engage in relevant, rigorous and differentiated learning experiences.


We strive to use multiple types of assessment to guide our instruction in order to get the best picture of where a student is performing and where they need support. Learning is visible through displayed student work and the criteria for assessment is aligned to the standards.   Feedback is used to help students improve their work and it comes from a variety of sources including self, peers and teachers.


Mission Statement

At Pa‘auilo School we operate under a set of core values that will enable students to define success for themselves in order to achieve their goals.  We teach students to communicate effectively, think critically, be resilient, have hope and belief in themselves and to be able to meet any opportunity with confidence.


School-wide Student Learner Outcomes

     Students at Pa‘auilo School will be:
    • Self-Directed Learners
    • Community Contributors
    • Complex Thinkers
    • Quality Producers
    • Effective Communicators
    • Effective and Ethical Users of Technology