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Intermediate and High School English

Welcome to the Intermediate and High School English page!
At PEIS, we are working hard to improve our writing and reading skills.  Every quarter students work on reading both informational text and literature/poetry and writing in different genre.  At the end of each quarter, the students always have a major paper to write, so don't be surprised if they are knee deep in graphic organizers and notes.
Our textbook is Springboard, and we can access this online as well as using the hard copies; this curriculum is challenging, but our students are gradually gaining the skills they need to succeed in their academics and future careers.  In addition to the textbook, we have a vocabulary program called "WordllyWise."  Students are given some time to work on vocabulary during class, but mostly they are asked to work on their own time.   
Ask your student to take you to their Google CLASSROOM page, sit with them as they work on a lesson from WordlyWise, or ask them about the book they are reading during Reading Workshop.  Talking with your student about the experiences they have in the classroom is a super way to give them support.  Another way to support your student's academic growth is to encourage them to listen to the news on the radio in the car or on TV at home with you.  Have a conversation about what is going on in the world while you are eating meals, doing dishes or commuting.  It is amazing what a boost these positive interactions can have on your student's vocabulary!
I look forward to continuing a partnership with you, so please contact me if you have questions or need some help accessing any of our online tools.
Ms. Frost

Ms Frost
About Ms Frost!
I  grew up in Connecticut (brrrr), but my mother's family has roots in the Hawaiian islands since the 1830s.  My transplant occurred in 2007, and I am permanently living in Honoka'a.  I have 3 sons, a step-daughter, and 2 granddaughters.  
Pa'auilo is so much like the school that I went to as a child, which was K-8.  I like having the opportunity to really get to know the families and children of many ages